Laura R. Owens, LMT

Laura Owens, LMT, Multidisciplinary Bodywork

Multidisciplinary Bodywork for Pain Relief, Ease Of Movement, and Quality of Life

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-Orthopedic and Sports Massage
-Deep Tissue
-Myofascial Release
-Postural Assessment
-Assisted Stretching
-Movement Education

30 Minute Customized Bodywork Session = $50
45 Minute Customized Bodywork Session = $65
60 Minute Customized Bodywork Session = $80
75 Minute Customized Bodywork Session = $95
90 Minute Customized Bodywork Session = $110

About Laura R. Owens

Laura Owens

Hi! I’ve recently returned to the New River Valley after living in New England for the past 30+ years. I’m so happy to be living back in this beautiful region!

I’ve been a practicing massage therapist since June 2000, when I completed my initial training at The New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts.

My first professional experience was in a spa/salon in Portland, ME. While I enjoyed learning various spa treatments and the basics of running a practice, many of my clients had questions I quickly realized I wasn’t equipped to answer: “Why does this hurt? How did this chronic pain come up? What can I do to fix this pain, and is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?” It became clear to me that more education was in order to be able to help my clients beyond basic relaxation.

I completed a six month series of courses in Boston, MA in Medical Massage, which focused on orthopedic assessment and treatment of common musculoskeletal issues.

From there, I moved my practice to Health Coaches Personal Fitness Studio in Portland, ME, where I gained an immense amount of experience working in conjunction with a staff of highly educated personal trainers. It was there that I learned the importance of balancing each joint in the body: where there is a tight muscle, there is an opposing weak muscle (and vice versa). While the application of massage is immensely helpful for a number of common problems, many times the true solution lies in adding focused strength training in order to create a more permanent solution.

In addition to extensive continuing education in therapeutic soft tissue modalities, I completed a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant in Danvers, MA in 2015.

I’m currently studying with the National Academy of Sports Medicine for certification as a Personal Trainer with a specialization in Corrective Exercise.

I’d love to help you learn about your body, and create a more comfortable and pain free way of life. Looking forward to working with you!

Laura Ownes

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